Can you learn typography on Instagram?

Learning the discipline of typography is a constant process that begins in academies, universities, books or through agency work.

Learning the discipline of typography is a constant process that begins in academies, universities, books or through agency work.

However, there is nowadays a field that, although it will never replace traditional media, can act as a lure to attract the curiosity of those who are approaching the world of typography for the first time. We are talking about social networks and the role they can play as typographic disseminators.

More and more designers, digital foundries and typographic software are devoting a large part of their content to trying to teach the basic rudiments of typography. Perhaps this has to do with the didactic gene that countless graphic communication professionals possess.

aprendizaje tipografia academia

In any case, let’s take a look at some significant examples of typographic dissemination on Instagram. Some, more for the love of art; others, more as a promotional strategy.

ohno type

This Californian digital foundry often shares typographic tips and tricks on her extensive Instagram account (@ohnotypeco) with more than seventy thousand followers. They have an account in Spanish (@ohnoenespanol) dedicated exclusively to teaching the basics of type design. And with a great sense of humour.

aprendizaje tipografia academia

To complete the pedagogical work, this time outside the networks, on its website, Ohno Type has just released the section Ohno Type School where the e-book can be purchased Some tips on drawing types from A to Z. A dissemination effort shared by an increasing number of foundries and designers.

type design class

Another example can be found in Type Design Class, the Instagram account of the informative project through which the typographic designer and illustrator Viktor Baltus teaches the basics of typographic design to a community of more than sixty thousand followers. On the website we find all kinds of resources and courses aimed primarily at professional designers.

aprendizaje tipografia academia

grilli type

The Swiss from Grilli Type They have a very large Instagram account with 210,000 followers and under the hashtag #GTAcademy publish typography lessons (now number 37) in which they deal with specific aspects of type design, such as the design of letters with diagonals or special characters.

tipografía en Instagram


To end this brief review of Instagram accounts that dedicate all or part of their content to the dissemination of typographic design knowledge, we will end with the account of Glyphs, the reference software for type design.

An account where we can find a lot of content about how the programme works. This logically entails delving deeper into the guts of digital typographic design, through tutorials with tips and tricks.

tipografía en Instagram

An Instagram post cannot match the depth and reflection of a book or method. The closeness we find in a classroom, but it can arouse the curiosity of someone who otherwise would never have come close to typography.

(Source: Gráffica)



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