“Legends Untold”, the new mythological collection from Special Releases

Escuadra Comunicación participates in the launch of the highly anticipated single malt Scotch whisky collection in Spain, the first augmented reality experience, which reveals untold stories of the distilleries in a unique and enchanting way.

Legends Untold
Since 2001, one of the highlights of the year for whisky aficionados has been the launch of Diageo’s Special Releases. This collection of limited edition single malts changes every year and includes some of the company’s most famous and legendary distilleries. This year, the 8 whiskies selected by master blender Craig Wilson are grouped around the “Legends untold” concept, forming one of the most beautiful collections to date.

The labels have been illustrated by Ken Taylor and depict eight legends about mythological creatures that symbolise the characteristics of each distillery or the area where they are located. Each box includes a QR that unlocks an augmented reality video explaining the history and tasting notes of the whisky through the wonderful voices of actors Lorne MacFadyen and Siobhan Redmon.

The collection portrays the otherworldly beings that have fiercely guarded the heart of remote Scottish distilleries for an eternity, according to their ancient fables. Drawn from renowned distilleries, the collection nods to the hidden gems that can be found in every corner of the Scottish terrain between the lochs and the rugged highlands.

The hand-picked annual selection highlights the diversity of Scotland’s most prized whisky stocks maturing in Scotland. Each whisky is brought to life visually with highly detailed illustrations and design work by renowned digital illustrator Ken Taylor. His striking signature style and interpretation of mythical creatures draws inspiration from his portfolio of pop culture artwork.

Activated via an on-pack QR code, a multi-sensory experience begins with a narration of the history of cask strength Single Malts. Enthusiasts are then guided through a mixed reality tasting experience, designed to captivate their senses and bring the taste of Scotland into their homes.

  • Legends Untol
  • Legends Untol

(Source: Diageo)



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